Development of a Game-Based Assessment to Measure Creativity

Published on 7 Dec 2022, 2:59
Research Talk
Fang Luo, Beijing Normal University

Creativity measurement is the basis of creativity research. For a long time, traditional creativity tests have many limitations. First of all, traditional tests place too much emphasis on 'novelty' and ignore 'suitability'. Second, divergent thinking is equated with creative thinking. Third, the evaluation index is single. Fourth, the traditional test tasks are simple and abstract, divorced from real problems, and lack of ecological validity. The purpose of this study was to develop a game-based assessment to measure creativity, collect log-file data, and realize the assessment of various creative thinking abilities. The creativity game test used the 'Design of Evidence Centers' as a framework to construct three problem situations around 'prehistoric human life' and participants 'synthesized' creative solutions by combining cards. The log-file data and criterion test data of 515 college students were collected. Study one showed that the test had good psychometric properties. In the second study, a Bayesian network was constructed with key operations as nodes to explore the influence of individual insight level on game response, so as to provide evidence for construct validity. The answering experience of the creativity game test was highly evaluated by the participants, which reflected the advantages and prospects of the game test.

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