The Level1 Show December 16 2022: AI Is Better Than You At Everything

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Published on 16 Dec 2022, 5:30

0:00 - Intro
0:36 - Apple scales back self-driving car, delays launch to 2026
1:17 - Amazon has a new drone for 30-minute urban deliveries
4:21 - Monarch’s first MK-V smart tractors powered by Nvidia are being delivered
5:14 - Chinese Joint Venture Will Begin Mass-Producing an Autonomous Electric Car
6:31 - DeepMind AI topples experts at complex game Stratego
7:38 - Adobe will sell AI-made stock images
8:44 - AI-generated answers temporarily banned on coding Q&A site Stack Overflow
9:54 - AI learns to write computer code in ‘stunning’ advance
11:28 - NASA's Plan to Make JWST Data Immediately Available Will Hurt Astronomy
12:47 - ‘Are we alone in the universe?’: work begins in Western Australia on world’s most powerful radio telescopes
13:32 - NASA'S ICON Space Weather Satellite Has Suddenly Gone Silent
14:15 - Soil in Midwestern US is Eroding 10 to 1,000 Times Faster than it Forms, Study Finds
15:39 - The Excel World Championship Is the Internet at Its Best
16:37 - Stanford investigates its president for possible research misconduct
17:10 - Why 'Goblin mode' is Oxford's 2022 word of the year
17:37 - Legendary San Diego sword swallower hospitalized with slashed abdominal cavity, pierced liver
19:01 - Republican Looks to Lessen Prison Time for Drug Users Who Get Sterilized
21:07 - Hawaii Island mayor: ‘Disrespectful’ spectators are throwing marshmallows at lava
21:50 - Notorious cartel hit man disappears from US prison system, leaving Mexico dumbfounded
23:03 - Thousands of viewers watch World Cup 2022 in Qatar on illegal streams, but in reality it is pixelated FIFA 23 games
23:52 - The Sayburç reliefs: a narrative scene from the Neolithic
25:05 - In a Tallahassee case, the Florida Supreme Court will decide whether police are victims when they shoot someone in the line of duty
25:55 - Scientists Have Designed a ‘Hoohoo on a Chip’
27:53 - Tewkesbury Council votes in secret against plans to be more open
28:55 - Rancher gives new life to afterbirth by creating art from cow placentas
30:07 - Amid federal probe, slaughterhouse cleaner agrees not to hire child labor
32:10 - Passerby steals scooter from woman after she crashes in Chambersburg
33:13 - ‘This Sport Is All Enforcers’: Professional Ice Fighting Coming To Wyoming
35:33 - TGI Fridays 'Mozzarella Sticks Snack' have no mozzarella: lawsuit
36:18 - Smuggler Hid Over 200 Alder Lake CPUs in Fake Silicone Belly
37:11 - Rain breaks down “Cool Pavement” coating in Phoenix neighborhood
37:59 - Guns N' Roses Sues Combination Florist and Gun Shop
38:48 - Rent The Chicken: Tennessee farmer finds unique way to make a profit
39:32 - Balenciaga Creative Director Apology For BDSM Teddy Bears
41:09 - Cult 'Prophet' Complained of His Child Bride's Bedwetting, FBI Says


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