English Google SEO office-hours from December, 2022

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Published on 29 Dec 2022, 9:12
This is an audio-only recording of the Google SEO office-hours from December, 2022 - a transcript is available at developers.google.com/search/h...

These sessions cover topics submitted around anything search & website-owner related like crawling, indexing, mobile sites, internationalization, duplicate content, Sitemaps, Search Console, pagination, duplicate content, multi-lingual/multi-regional sites, etc. The answers are compiled by the Google Search Relations team.

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00:22 How to reduce my site from 30,000 products to 2,500?
01:09 Does Google ignore links to a page that was a 404?
01:37 Do speed metrics other than Core Web Vitals affect my site's rankings?
02:06 Why doesn't Google remove all spam?
02:55 Do too many 301 redirects have a negative effect?
03:42 How does Google determine what is a product review?
04:23 Should I delete my old website when I make a new one?
04:59 Should paginated pages be included in an XML sitemap?
05:37 My site used to be hacked, do I have to do something with the hacked pages?
06:11 Does Google care about fast sites?
06:38 Can Google follow links inside a menu that shows on mouseover?
07:10 Why did reporting shift between my mobile and desktop URLs?
07:56 Does having many redirects affect crawling or ranking?
08:21 Can I use an organization name instead of an author's name?
08:53 What can we do if someone copies our content?
09:35 Do URL, page title, and H1 tag have to be the same?
10:17 Is redirecting through a page blocked by robots.txt a valid way to prevent passing PageRank?
10:37 Why is my site flagged as having a virus?
11:20 Is there any way to get sitelinks on search results?
11:59 Does having two hyphens in a domain name have a negative effect?
12:12 How important are titles for e-commerce category pages pagination?
12:44 Is it better to post one article a day, or many a day?
13:12 What is the main reason for de-indexing a site after a spam update?
13:38 Can Google read infographic images?
14:08 Is it possible to remove my site completely if it was hacked?
14:54 Why does my Search Console miss a period of data?
15:25 How can I deindex some bogus URLs?
16:04 Why is some structured data detected only in the schema validator?
16:47 Do you have people who can make a website for me?
17:21 Why are some sites crawled and indexed faster?
17:51 Why do Google crawlers get stuck with a pop-up store selector?
18:13 How can I verify my staging site in Search Console?
19:08 How can I get a desktop URL indexed?
19:36 Is it possible to report sites for stolen content?
19:57 Is adding Wikipedia links a bad practice?
20:14 Is there any difference if an internal link is under the word "here"?
20:46 Why does my news site's traffic go up and down?
21:16 Is changing the URL often impacting my SEO performance?
21:45 How does freshness play a role in ranking seasonal queries like Black Friday deals?
22:33 Is there a way to appeal Safe Search results?
23:08 How can I update my site's brand name?
23:51 When migrating platforms, do URLs need to remain the same?
24:24 How much do I have to do to update an algorithmic penalty?
24:49 How can I fix long indexing lead times for my Google-owned site?
25:49 How does the helpful content system determine that visitors are satisfied?
26:40 Should we 404 or noindex pages created by bots on our website?
27:20 Will adding a single post in Spanish to my English site affect my search rankings?
27:44 Do all penalties show up in Search Console?
28:33 Will SEO decline? Should I study something different?
29:24 Does the number of outgoing links affect my rankings?

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