Nvidia Almost Got Away With This…Again!

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Published on 4 Jan 2023, 14:00
The RTX 4070 Ti, the artist formerly known as the RTX 4080 12GB is here and it turns out that when it comes to its ACTUAL price, there hasn't been all that much of a change. And that's bad news versus the RX 7900 XT....which was already a pretty raw deal.

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0:00 - The RTX 4080 12GB to RTX 4070 Ti
1:05 - How to Sweep a Launch Under the Rug
1:52 - Pushed to Spend More
3:04 - RTX 4070 Ti Power Consumption is LOW
3:52 - RTX 4070 Ti's from Zotac & TUF
6:19 - Testing Methodology
6:44 - 1440p Gaming Benchmarks
7:42 - 4K Gaming Benchmarks
8:37 - 1440p Benchmark Summary
10:10 - 4K Benchmarks Summary
10:59 - Ray Tracing Benchmarks
11:37 - Overall RT Performance Comparison
12:24 - NVIDIA is Trying to Get Away With This...

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