3.5: Using a simple raw TensorFlow.js pre-trained saved model in the browser

Published on 11 Jan 2023, 22:04
Another way to use pre-made Web ML models Is simply just the raw trained model itself, with no JavaScript class wrapped around it that typically hides the inner workings, to make it easier to use for beginners. In this lesson you will learn to write the code to send data into the raw model, and then extract data from it yourself, using Tensors that you just learnt about in the prior lesson.

Individuals or researchers may share their raw models like this, which can be very useful for finding and using examples that may still be in development, or using models that solve less common problems, where an example may exist,
but does not have full documentation. Learn how to use raw pre-trained models from layers models to graph based models from any site including TensorFlow Hub - Google's model garden.

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