The Level1 Show January 13 2023: I Eat Big Ants And I Cannot Lie

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Published on 13 Jan 2023, 5:30

0:00 - Intro
1:24 - ChatGPT and AI language tools banned by AI conference for writing papers
2:36 - Microsoft aims for AI-powered version of Bing
4:22 - Apple Books quietly launches AI-narrated audiobooks
6:18 - New AI Listens to Toilet Sounds to Detect Diarrhea
7:41 - OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, in talks for tender offer that would give it $29 billion value
8:53 - Companies can ‘hire’ a virtual person for about $14k a year in China
10:11 - South Korean Moon Mission Delivers Devastatingly Gorgeous Earth Views
11:12 - A bright green comet will soon make its first and likely only appearance in recorded history — and it may be visible to the naked eye
12:10 - A single Iranian attack drone found to contain parts from more than a dozen US companies
13:32 - LAPD Reminds Officers Not to Drink and Drive After 7 Arrests
14:25 - "Higher than acceptable" methamphetamine levels in air ducts close Colorado public library
15:32 - Legal Use of Hallucinogenic Mushrooms Begins in Oregon
17:07 - Former Colorado funeral home owner sentenced to 20 yrs for selling body parts
18:06 - Nature to be prescribed to GP patients in Derbyshire
19:24 - Polk County burglars called 911 for help moving stolen items, deputies say
20:40 - Over 770,000 Wisconsinites have at least one OWI conviction
21:37 - Florida Dominatrix Group Demands Taxpayer Money For Dungeon From Local City Council
22:56 - NY Times Sunday crossword puzzles readers with swastika shape on Hanukkah: ‘How did this get approved’
24:18 - Madison Indigenous arts leader, activist revealed as white
26:31 - New Congresswoman Fights Rival Over Witchcraft Accusation
27:45 - Frontier Airlines will Give You Free Flights For Adopting These Cats
29:37 - Covid: Hong Kong to lift year-long ban on hamster imports
30:34 - Mystery cow at the centre of two dramas in space of 24 hours
32:00 - Happy walrus ruins New Year’s Eve
33:08 - Big-Butt Ants Are A South American Delicacy
35:04 - California county sees highest number of monarch butterflies in more than 20 years
36:34 - My dog is getting high on cane toads. Should I be worried?


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