Arctic P12 MAX Review - The Best Budget Fan got BETTER

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Published on 2 Mar 2023, 12:42
The Arctic P12 MAX is here! The Arctic P12 is arguably everyone's favorite PC fan because of its amazing price and good performance. but now Arctic is launching the P12 MAX. The P12 MAX focuses on high air pressure which makes it the best PC fan for air coolers and water cooling.

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0:00 - A High End Fan for EVERYONE!
1:11 - Arctic P12 MAX vs P12 PWM
3:39 - Sponsor Spot!
4:08 - P12 MAX Noise vs RPM
5:07 - Raw CFM Performance
7:05 - Noise Normalized CFM
8:10 - Restricted (Radiator) CFM Performance
9:11 - AIO Temperatures
10:15 - Air Cooler Temperatures
11:02 - P12 MAX is MIND BLOWING for the price


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