Meet Mikko from Espoo | Nokia Finland

Published on 7 Mar 2023, 2:31
Meet Mikko. He’s working with us as a Local Product Owner in a 5G testing team at our Espoo campus at Nokia Finland. ""Something that can only happen here at Nokia is that I can eat side-by-side with the leadership team in the cafeteria""

0:00 – Introduction
0:07 – What made you apply to work at Nokia?
0:16 – What are you most proud of working here?
0:26 – What has been your best day at work so far?
0:29 – What happens only at Nokia?
0:38 – What has surprised you the most at Nokia?
0:45 – How would your best friend describe you?
0:50 – How would your closest colleague describe you?
0:56 – Tell us a fun fact about yourself.

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