The Level1 Show March 8 2023: Put Another NFT In The Jukebox

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Published on 8 Mar 2023, 5:30

0:00 - Intro
0:30 - Google asks some employees to share desks amid office downsizing
2:29 - Google parent Alphabet shuts down yet another robot project
4:13 - Amazon to Let Employees Use Company Stock to Get Home Loans
7:12 - Ericsson to lay off 8,500 employees
7:45 - All Portland Walmart stores to permanently close
8:49 - FTX ex-engineering head Nishad Singh pleads guilty to criminal charges
10:10 - Binance Can’t Keep Its Story Straight on Misplaced $1.8B USDC
11:17 - Visa, Mastercard pause crypto push in wake of industry meltdown
12:10 - Silvergate Capital shares plunge as bank raises doubts about its future
13:38 - Millions of Americans nearing retirement age with no savings
16:01 - Microsoft brings its new AI-powered Bing to the Windows 11 taskbar
16:48 - Microsoft Defender app now force-installed for Microsoft 365 users
18:40 - Amazon Removes Books From Kindle Unlimited After They Appear on Pirate Sites
19:57 - I was an App Store games editor – that’s how I know Apple doesn’t care about games
20:58 - Spotify is testing playlists that could be unlocked by NFT holders
22:33 - Linux desktop powers consider uniting for an app store
23:42 - Nearly 40% of software engineers will only work remotely
24:21 - Airbnb Is Banning People Who Are ‘Closely Associated’ With Already-Banned Users
24:57 - AMD Ryzen 9 7950X3D Review: No Compromise Gaming And Creator Performance
26:17 - First PCIe 5.0 M.2 SSDs Are Now Available, Predictably Expensive
27:21 - Nvidia’s latest GPU drivers can upscale old blurry YouTube videos
27:54 - Qualcomm CEO expecting Apple to use its own modems in iPhones in 2024
29:17 - Apple suppliers are in a rush to leave China, says AirPods maker
29:48 - The Pixel Watch’s promised fall detection is finally rolling out
30:43 - Lenovo’s rollable laptop and smartphone are a compelling, unfinished pitch for the future
31:40 - Xiaomi shows off its new wireless AR glasses
32:18 - Nokia launches DIY repairable budget Android phone
33:56 - OnePlus’ gaming concept phone has glowing liquid cooling
34:28 - Tesla officially opens Superchargers to non-Tesla EV owners in the US and explains how it works
35:15 - Tesla plans gigafactory in first Mexico investment
35:55 - SpaceX unveils “V2 Mini” Starlink satellites with quadruple the capacity
37:08 - U.S. regulators rejected Elon Musk’s bid to test brain chips in humans
38:05 - U.S. Postal Service starts nationwide electric vehicle fleet, buying 9,250 EVs and thousands of charging stations
40:10 - YouTube video causes Pixel phones to instantly reboot
40:48 - Virtual kissing: Device from China allows couples to share intimacy from long distance using their phone
41:38 - Comcast Experiencing Outage in Some Parts of Oakland, Bullets Cause Damage to Fiber
42:24 - Is the future of computing biological?
43:36 - You can watch Pluto TV in VLC, and the MPA considers this piracy
45:27 - This is Meta’s AR / VR hardware roadmap for the next four years
46:04 - Meta is working on 'AI personas' for Instagram, Messenger and WhatsApp
47:08 - Meta has its own new AI tech — meet LLaMa
48:10 - TikTok will limit teens to 60 minutes of screen time a day
49:10 - Jack Dorsey-backed Twitter alternative Bluesky hits the App Store as an invite-only app
51:47 - Sleeping in office does not save your job, Twitter’s top executive finds


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