Key issues for enterprises looking to deploy private wireless solutions

Published on 8 Mar 2023, 13:59
How do you make the right choice of #privatewirelessnetwork? Listen to our podcast for an expert discussion of the factors involved in your decision. Several varieties of private wireless # networks are available – and there is a choice of the types of providers that can deliver such a service.

Essentially, there are three options available to any commercial organization weighing up the desirability of #privatewireless:
1) Local area: Ideal when you need #coverage around a particular site such as an airport, retail center, industrial estate, or mining operation
2) Wide area: Some companies need #connectivity at their HQ and distribution centers while also requiring nationwide coverage
3) Field area: You may need connectivity away from your base, but only in locations where you have assets

Examples include rail networks. Private networks are the best solution for industrial sites. However, there may be instances when it is economical to use a slice of a public #network when it comes to wide area connectivity. There are three reasons why private wireless is ideally suited for industrial sites:
1) Familiarity: Such operations are used to effectively own their local area networks
2) Performance: Many industrial sites are in non-urban areas. A dedicated private network will deliver the right levels of #latency and #capacity
3) Reliability: This is an essential consideration for OT-critical applications.

So, who supplies private wireless networks? With more than 13 million #industrial sites potentially requiring them, the marketplace is becoming crowded. Several different genres of supplier exist:
1) Telecom vendors: Private wireless is clearly an area of opportunity for such operations. #Nokia has been one of the trendsetters in private wireless
2) Mobile operators and CSPs: They have #spectrum, expertise in managing 4G and 5G networks, and good existing relationships with the enterprise space
3) CSPs from the IT space: There’s a high degree of trust from #enterprise in eco-system players, especially in areas such as mining and #manufacturing
4) IT players and system integrators: Firms such as Accenture or DXC can deliver private wireless solutions
5) System integrators and consulting firms: They are interested in private wireless as a key enabler for related industries.

All these factors and more are discussed in our podcast. Tune in now to learn more.