#IAmRemarkable Panel Discussion - Disability Allyship and Inclusion

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Published on 16 Mar 2023, 18:10
Description: Hear from global #IAmRemarkable facilitators and community-members who are leaders across their industries, and making significant impact in the movement to #EmbraceEquity. We will talk about how #IAmRemarkable has impacted them in their roles and the wider impact on the people around them. You will also have the opportunity to ask them anything in a live Q&A, so come prepared!

#IAmRemarkable is a global movement that empowers everyone, including underrepresented groups, to celebrate their achievements in the workplace and beyond while challenging the social perception around self-promotion. Up to January 2023, #IAmRemarkable has reached 450,000 participants across 178 countries, with the help of 4000+ facilitators. #IAmRemarkable Founder - Anna Vainer. To register for #IAmRemarkable as a participant, facilitator or company - g.co/IamRemarkable

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