Amazon Macie: Additional support for discovering more types of sensitive data | Amazon Web Services

Published on 10 Mar 2023, 23:29
As of April 2022, three additional managed data identifiers have been added to Amazon Macie to expand its capabilities for discovering and identifying the locations of HTTP Basic Authentication Headers, HTTP Cookies, and JSON Web Tokens present in Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3).

Amazon Macie also enhanced its existing managed data identifiers for identifying Passports, Mailing Addresses, and US Social Security Numbers (SSNs). This enhancement expands keyword support for discovering occurrences of SSNs and Passports, and the Macie pattern identification system now detects SSNs across a wider array of formats and delimiters. Additionally, the Amazon Macie machine learning models have been updated to improve accuracy in discovering mailing addresses in S3 objects. The updated models use additional checks to validate city names, ZIP codes, and Postal Codes to produce more accurate results.

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