The Bank of Silicon Valley Just Collapsed - WAN Show March 10, 2023

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Published on 11 Mar 2023, 4:44
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Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119)
0:00 Chapters
1:10 Intro
1:45 Topic #1 - America's Silicon Valley Bank collapses
2:37 Bank runs, insured funds, business standpoint
5:19 Linus uses LMG for a frozen deposits example ft. Sad Dan
11:09 Linus on land banking & forms of investments
16:16 Linus calls NAS company, Creator's Warehouse & LMG funds
16:55 Linus on operations money ft. Dan looking for a job
19:47 Luke on Linus's investments, Linus on money
22:26 Luke's dual investing after loss of funds scenario
24:38 Luke on the cycle of layoffs & startups
25:40 Luke on the impact of SVB's fall, Linus on SVB selling shares
28:01 Topic #2 - LTT Pouch off the site due to trademark infringement
29:47 New name ideas, FP Poll - what to name this?
33:28 Dell mails Linus, prepared for LTT's Secret Shopper
33:54 Topic #3 - g0at attacked for not wiping his drive
39:13 Linus on BlackLotus, Luke recommends g0at's videos
42:45 Chinese cheaters, old article of operation chicken drumstick
45:52 Pouch is not a fanny pack, future "WANny pack"
46:18 FP poll - runner ups & two more names, "LTT Bag"
47:24 Topic #4 - Ring provides police invasive footage
50:20 Linus on not working with Ring, Luke's solutions
51:36 FP Poll - three names, Linus on WAN Show's time
53:52 Sponsor - Freshbook ft. Dennis integrations
56:12 Sponsor - Goliath Technologies
57:50 Sponsor - Squarespace
59:12 Last FP Poll
59:48 Merch Messages #1
1:01:35 Is there a place in Tech YouTube to be popular?
1:03:51 FP poll winner, new name is the Tech Sack
1:04:26 Is there a place in Tech YouTube to be popular?
1:09:22 #NotMySack & #StopTheSack, back on LTTStore
1:11:26 Linus shouting out FloatPlane employees, Meet The Teams
1:12:47 Should I get OLED monitors when cracking shadows up in FPS?
1:14:45 Favorite fault tolerant server equipment? ft. Canada & South Park "bridges"
1:24:18 Topic #5 - YouTube relaxes advertiser-friendly guidelines
1:25:03 New examples, Linus on old shows & "hard R word"
1:28:53 Luke corrects Linus on n-word V.S. r-word
1:31:18 Merch Messages #2
1:33:02 Disappointing consumer or enterprise products?
1:42:40 LTTStore's Mod Right Mod-Mat collab
1:48:18 LTTStore's new 3D Down Jacket
1:57:26 Topic #6 - Secret Shopper update, Dell reaches out
2:01:11 Topic #7 - Fairphone 2 receives last security update
2:03:16 Topic #8 - Asetek's Q4 2022 reports & struggles
2:06:37 Linus on HP printer inks, Luke on lawsuit fees
2:09:26 Linus discusses Final Fantasy Tactics releases
2:10:46 Topic #9 - AMD drivers brick computers
2:11:22 Topic #10 - LTX 2023 sponsors update
2:13:30 LTT DE Deskpads #1 - Sarah's Dino
2:14:36 LTT DE Deskpads #2 - Lloyd's Vancouver Skyline
2:15:48 LTT DE Deskpads #3 - Maria's Tech-based
2:17:01 Merch Messages #2
2:17:06 Grants from the government for LMG or FP?
2:19:55 LTT DE deskpads will be LTX-only
2:22:44 How do you balance delegating & perfectionism?
2:25:10 What would Luke play now instead of TARKOV?
2:28:24 Luke returns to LMG as CTO
2:31:54 Weirdest place you've seen LTTStore purchases from?
2:33:20 What cool bed tech you'd like to see?
2:38:13 What did FP do to make the service run better?
2:39:10 Home security recommendation?
2:41:18 What food would you ship on LTTStore?
2:44:46 Has Yvonne vetoed any of Linus's purchases?
2:46:08 Thoughts on money spent compared to play hours?
2:50:52 What is the goal of Right to Repair?
2:53:55 What tech do you believe has no right to go bad?
2:56:59 Ever considered getting into fragrances?
2:58:52 How do you deal with crazy people?
3:00:15 Can LTTStore sell things that are already waste?
3:02:35 Do you have any thoughts on hydrogen fuel cells?
3:04:04 Linus's experience with Horizon Zero Dawn?
3:04:41 Favorite date with your SO, why & would they pick the same?
3:09:10 Estimate people who failed where you succeeded? mistakes not to make?
3:10:17 Linus's & Alex's experience with building in the DK-05F?
3:10:57 After issues with TARKOV, did Luke pick other games?
3:12:24 Would LMG ever hire truck drivers?
3:13:07 What made Linus choose Taycan over hybrids?
3:14:40 Offering blank T's for other creators to work on?
3:17:35 Any game Linus enjoyed on Wii U, 2DS or 3DS?
3:19:13 Luke getting a submerged NAS & PC, concerned about birds
3:20:22 Does any one of you own music anymore?
3:23:22 Linus's go-to badminton kit
3:25:40 Trusting your experience or a scoring system for a video?
3:27:40 Are there any companies you'd like to see fail?
3:30:05 Thoughts on Tesla not being owner repairs friendly
3:31:29 Finalmouse Centerpiece Mouse
3:33:25 How do you intend to differentiate LTT labs from other sites?
3:34:39 Outro