Our Worst Week in Years - WAN Show March 24, 2023

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Published on 25 Mar 2023, 7:50
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Timestamps: (Courtesy of NoKi1119)
0:00 Chapters
1:45 Intro
2:15 Topic #1 - DPReview to shut down by 10th of April
4:03 Archiving DPReview, Chris & Jordan join PetaPixel
5:22 Why does Amazon own DPReview?
7:36 Linus on Amazon-provided products & returning them
10:50 Community's reaction, Chris's history with DPReview
15:22 Linus's history with DPReview & digital cameras
20:57 Amazon's plan for DPReview? Past acquisitions
24:35 Who is going to take on the roles at DPReview?
28:42 DPReview's closure, Jordan on the YouTube channel
32:39 Chris & Jordan's content, mentioning PetaPixel
34:34 Topic #2 - LTT was HACKED!
35:36 MM #1 - What came out of this that you most appreciate?
37:03 Luke was having fun during this, up for 41 hours
39:01 Joe was helping, 5K subs on Floatplane, 40K goal
44:06 Linus thanks forum mods, Luke on working & hearing
45:54 Linus on LTT's video, Filmot & hacked channels
49:30 The breach, account management & why TL & TQ were affected
53:31 Luke on IP logs, Google not checking cookies, VPNs
59:14 Topic #3 - Luke has a bone to pick with Linus
59:51 Linus guesses what Luke is mad about, he gets madder
1:02:15 Luke on Linus's "half of the night" wording
1:03:46 Linus "didn't know" when Luke told him already
1:04:38 Linus apologized to Yvonne for being "short" & attentive
1:05:32 ThioJoe's video, Linus doesn't operate after noon
1:07:19 Luke told Yvonne about the hack, working "around" Linus
1:11:27 Luke realizes it was sick, Luke's GF helping
1:13:02 E-mails bouncing, Linus's outline on the attack
1:15:42 Linus prepared lunch for kids, Luke identified the attack
1:17:41 Linus focused on the hijack video, upcoming Framework video
1:20:16 Jake & James helped with the script, Linus "reviews" work
1:22:02 Shouting out Hoffmann, Luke on the video ideas
1:28:37 What the attacker did, the account manager & YouTube's help
1:33:46 Linus gives credits to James & the social team
1:34:28 Showcasing LinusTech Twitter memes
1:36:01 Topic #4 - Floatplane Beta, new features
1:36:48 Creators sub-channels
1:39:34 Who edited the naked Linus?
1:42:06 LMG Clips to be on Floatplane
1:45:38 Linus on eating cake naked, Luke on Redbull, invites Dan
1:47:08 Merch Message server issues, hitting records
1:50:18 Sponsors ft. Dennis Spots
1:50:58 Goliath Technologies troubleshooting & monitoring
1:52:10 The Ridge wallet
1:53:16 Squarespace site builder
1:54:32 Topic #5 - Google fixed recovering edited parts of files
1:59:13 Topic #6 - Intel's founder Gordon Moore passed away
2:00:00 Topic #7 - OpenAI's ChatGPT-4 now has plugins
2:00:15 ChatGPT is able to do math via Wolfram|Alpha
2:02:02 ChatGPT can read e-mails & edit videos
2:06:40 LTTStore's new Gone Phishin's shirt
2:07:39 References on the Gone Phishin' shirt
2:09:19 64oz water bottles back in stock
2:09:49 New men, & women, underwear, Luke likes the photoshoots
2:12:52 Maria the photographer, him undoing his belt
2:16:29 Dan enters the streak, who would break it first?
2:17:42 3 out of 25 chance to get a CPU for CPU pillows
2:19:30 Water-proof hat roulette ft. Assistant Dan
2:21:40 New hat offering, difference in cost of material
2:26:15 Luke tries to guess a new bag's usage
2:28:19 Linus showcases the bag
2:30:02 Drops the ONEXPLAYER, asks for feedback
2:32:32 Merch Messages server crashes, 1,200 messages gone
2:34:28 Dan leaves to talk to Konrad
2:34:57 Topic #8 - Swiss Department of Defence mentions WAN Show
2:43:23 Topic #9 - Nintendo shuts down eShop
2:45:28 Topic #10 - EA de-lists Battlefield & shuts down servers
2:52:41 Topic #11 - Raja Koduri leaves Intel, starts a new company
2:54:16 Merch Messages #1 ft. a laggy page
2:55:14 LTT's Las Vegas Range private video
2:57:55 Details on magnet wire management? how many messages to break it again?
3:01:41 RC Hot Wheels car, any chance we'd see more RC content?
3:03:48 Nude with strawberry & crack color underwear
3:32:56 Any residual anxiety reviewing your security footage?
3:33:38 Which one is worse, LTT hijacked or Whonnock data loss?
3:34:59 Infrastructure change for FP? Reviews for EK GPU blocks?
3:38:37 PIP window for Dan? New WAN Show record, Luke on mistyping passwords
3:42:22 Kids using ChatGPT for homework & essays?
3:47:50 Regular podcast for Luke & ChatGPT?
3:50:12 Possibility to upgrade or downgrade Floatplane subscription?
3:53:52 New ChatGPT to edit & process video clips
3:56:40 Merch Messages #2
4:22:15 Outro ft. Merch Message queue flying by, Dan's swear