The Level1 Show May 5 2023: Paw and Order

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Published on 5 May 2023, 4:30

0:00 - Intro
0:48 - OpenAI previews business plan for ChatGPT, launches new privacy controls
1:56 - Stability AI launches StableLM, an open source ChatGPT alternative
3:10 - Stack Overflow Will Charge AI Giants for Training Data
3:59 - An AI Scraping Tool Is Overwhelming Websites With Traffic
5:12 - Palantir Demos AI to Fight Wars But Says It Will Be Totally Ethical Don’t Worry About It
6:56 - Nvidia releases a toolkit to make text-generating AI ‘safer’
8:01 - Apple’s next big fitness feature could be an AI-powered coaching service
9:11 - Generative AI boosts productivity, retention
10:37 - Bill Gates: A.I. chatbots will teach kids how to read within 18 months
12:21 - Joe Russo & Donald Mustard on Future Storytelling, Gaming & Entertainment
14:07 - Cruise Robotaxis 24/7 in San Francisco, post hints at Dallas launch
14:47 - $75,000 FDNY Robodog Goes to Work, Falls Over Almost Immediately
16:10 - ChatGPT integration brings speech to Spot the robot dog
17:04 - “It Can Speak”: Meet Alex, World’s Most Realistic Robot That Costs N3.68bn, Has 3M Followers on TikTok
18:14 - The first IVF babies conceived by a robot have been born
19:28 - Japan's ispace says moon lander unexpectedly accelerated and likely crashed
20:04 - NASA’s Super Alloy: A Breakthrough in 3D Printing Technology
20:57 - Thai conservatives vow to legalise sex toys in bid to shake up election
21:42 - Judge says Nunes not defamed by story about Iowa dairy farm
22:25 - Ron DeSantis ramps up power struggle with Disney World
23:03 - Disney suspends ‘Fantasmic’ fire effects at parks worldwide after Disneyland inferno
24:25 - Man allegedly posts video of himself engaging in sex with dog
25:13 - California drug dealer escapes with 60 pounds of sheriff's meth during failed sting
26:21 - 'High Risk of Biological Hazard' In Sudan After Fighters Seize Biolab, WHO Says
27:38 - 'Indiana Jones 5' will feature a de-aged Harrison Ford for the first 25 minutes
28:47 - Grimes Tells Fans To Deepfake Her Music, Will Split 50% Royalties With AI
30:05 - Former Fugees member Pras Michel convicted in foreign influence case
31:16 - Moths are more efficient pollinators than bees, shows new research
32:39 - Parrots who learn to video call feathered friends feel less lonely, study finds
34:00 - England Zoo Hiring 'Seagull Deterrent' Worker Who Must Wear Giant Bird Costume
34:19 - Maine lawmakers decide courthouse dogs are too cute for criminal court
35:37 - 5th grade teachers replacing 'male/female' with 'person who produces sperm/eggs' in Vermont


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