Bambu Lab X1C 3D Printer Review: Speed at What Cost?

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Published on 5 May 2023, 14:00
We test and review the Bambu Lab X1-Carbon 3D printer! Since its release last year, it's shaken up the FDM 3D printing world with its fast CoreXY printing capabilities, hands-off accessibility, and convenient features like remote monitoring and automated filament switching. And at its fastest, we were able to print a test benchy in under 14 minutes! Here's what you should know about this printer and a look at how massively increasing print speeds affects print quality.

Bambu Lab X1-Carbon with AMS:

CT Scans of Benchy prints:
.2mm layer height, standard slicer settings:
.08mm layer height, standard slicer settings:
Pre-sliced benchy:
(1/2/3/4 correspond to Silent, Standard, Sport and Ludicrous speeds in the scans)

Moon Lamp:
Flexi Factory models:
MatMire Makes flexi models:
Multi-Material Dice:
“Printing Better Worlds” badge:
NASA Coasters:
Multi-Color 8-bit heart:
Low poly Stormtrooper:
The Dark Knight and Vader busts:
Hexton Hills tabletop terrain:

Shot by Josh Self and edited by Norman Chan
Music by Jinglepunks

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