This Tiny Itx Case Fits Everything!

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Published on 12 May 2023, 16:13
The Dan C4-SFX v1 is probably one of the best ITX cases I've had for review. It fits literally everything I could ever want it to from a full length GPU to water cooling and more. It even has amazing airflow for a ITX case.

Check out the C4-SFX v1 -

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DAN C4-SFX v1 (watch out for scalpers!) -
Phanteks D30 -
Noctua D12L -

0:00 - The V1 is here!
0:24 - MASSIVE Cooler Support
1:05 - Price and Design (lack of)
2:24 - Interior specs & GPU Compatibility
3:13 - Top and Side Cooling Options
3:58 - Tips for Building
5:42 - 2 slot vs 3 slot GPU clearance
6:11 - COOLING is Impressive!
7:26 - The ITX case made for ME :)
8:07 - My REAL Issue with the C4


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