Exploring the Benefits of MR with VIVE XR Elite’s Color Passthrough and Depth Sensor

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Published on 14 May 2023, 21:00
The mixed reality passthrough feature of VIVE XR Elite, enabled by its full-color RGB camera and depth sensor, opens up endless possibilities for immersive experiences. Developers can implement mixed reality in different ways, and the depth sensor allows us to accurately achieve scene scanning. VTubers and content creators can now seamlessly mix virtual characters with the real world.

Special thanks to Video: VIVEPORT - All-in-One Sports VR Music Video: YORIMIYA - ParticleLive “FACE” MR BGM: RomanSenykMusic - Uplifting & Upbeat Technology Corporate
VIVE XR Elite: htcvive.co/3HX0in8
OpenXR Passthrough developer doc: htcvive.co/3NRWk2Z
VIVE XR Elite beta program: htcvive.co/3Ba7N6u

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