Visual Blocks: Ridiculously rapid ML/AI prototyping and deployment to production

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Published on 15 May 2023, 22:43
Visual Blocks from Google is an open source graphical programming framework for rapid prototyping and experimentation of production ideas powered by machine learning. It enables developers and decision-makers alike to work together to solve problems through powerful reusable building blocks, iterate, and then deploy with ease for all to try. You can build an end to end ML pipeline to share with your team in minutes!

In this video learn how to use Visual Blocks through real-world examples so you can adapt this knowledge to your own products and services. From creating your own social media worthy augmented reality effects on a live webcam feed, to running LLMs and generative models in a Colab powered by this visual framework to experiment chaining inputs, other models, and outputs together in powerful ways, the options are almost limitless as to what you can achieve using Visual Blocks.

We would love to hear your feedback over on the Visual Blocks Website: for feature requests and more!

Resources to use in this tutorial:
Portrait image →
Hearts overlay →
Sunset background →
Shader code →
Colab →

Key Links:
Learn more about Web ML →

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