Instant VR Experience for VR Arcade Machines | Marker-Based Location Sharing+VO mode on VIVE Focus 3

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Published on 18 May 2023, 21:01
How can VR Arcade owners ensure a better user experience? VIVE has created an instant 6DOF solution for VR arcade machines with Visual Odometry mode and Marker-Based Location Sharing for VIVE Focus 3. This feature allows players to go straight into a VR experience without the need to go through any environment setup.

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Special thanks to VRsenal and Hologate for providing the gameplay footage.

VRsenal is a market leader in premium virtual reality peripherals and integrations, well known as the leading manufacturer of unattended, virtual reality arcade games.

HOLOGATE is the market leading immersive media company offering innovative extended reality solutions for entertainment and enterprise use.

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