The Ultra Clean Gaming Setup 2.0

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143 days – 531 2568:44
2023 Gaming Monitors are Insane.
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The Best Gaming Mice I've Ever Used
Published on 20 May 2023, 13:49
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LG 240Hz OLED:
LG 4K 160Hz:
Audient EVO 4:
Shure SM7B:
Dual Monitor Arm:
PC Desk Mount:
Truthear Zeros:
7Hz Timeless:
G Pro Superlight:
Elgato Low Profile Boom Arm:

Wooting 60HE keyboard:

Wallpaper drop:

Ikea Idasen Desk:
Ikea Alefjall Chair:
Ikea Floor Lamp:
Ikea Floor Lamp 2:

0:00 Intro
0:45 Perfect lighting
1:52 Desk
2:32 Chair
3:47 Monitors
6:13 Wallpapers
7:16 Keyboard
7:38 Audio
10:16 Mice
11:23 RGB
12:18 PC

After a full year in the new space - here's how it's shaping up. What I've added, what I'm still using, and how I've made it even better.

Video gear
Primary Lens:

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