Cloud Interconnect - Troubleshoot Connectivity Issues

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Published on 5 Sep 2023, 23:24
Are you observing any connectivity issues between your Google cloud and on-prem through Cloud Interconnect ? Would you like to learn how to troubleshoot and resolve such issues ?

Then check out this video, where we give a quick overview of Cloud Interconnect, its offerings and demonstrate how you can troubleshoot and resolve connectivity issues between on-premises and Google Cloud VPC networks connected through Cloud Interconnect using a live problem.

0:00 - Intro
0:39 - Cloud Interconnect solutions
1:32 - Problem: BGP is not established
2:03 - Interconnect troubleshoot checklist
2:36 - Demo: Troubleshoot connectivity issue
3:41 - Solution: Fix the BGP configuration
4:00 - Other common issues with Cloud Interconnect
4:12 - Further reading

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