Adam Savage's Live Streams: Dragon Con 2023, Starfield, MythBusters and More

Published on 7 Sep 2023, 21:26
Adam is JUST back from Dragon Con, his first in 10 years! (Next up: Cincinnati Comic Expo: He'll go over some highlights of his experience, then take Tested member questions on ... anything! Join this channel to support Tested and get access to perks, like participating in live chat during live streams and asking Adam questions:

00:00 Introduction
15:40 Were there any “public figure/makers” that you looked up to or drew inspiration from when you were growing up?
16:43 Do you have any more gems of "rumpelstiltskin" knowledge you'd like to share?
20:58 What is the best relationship advice you have been told?
24:26 How do you host your poker games?
26:51 What is your favorite part of the Starfield Ship build?
29:48 Were there "I told you so" moments with Jamie on Mythbusters?
32:30 When working on a project with others how do you decide what you do vs. others, especially if you know you might be better suited for a task but need to allow the others to step in for the sake of the project?
35:03 Do you have a software tool for organizing group builds that helps you delegate, plan for dependencies, know what's been done, etc.?
40:11 What are the parts of your work that you find the most and least meditative?
46:25 As mentor/teacher, how do you get people to believe in themselves and encourage them to take those first steps into a new process/skillset?
50:50 You've mentioned ideas on 3d modeling for printing, as a 3d modeler, I'm curious what your thoughts are to improve drawings?
55:16 I’ve noticed that as I age, I struggle to do some of the maker things that used to be easy for me (less physical strength, poorer eyesight, etc.) Is this something you’ve experienced, and if so, do you have any strategies that help you?
59:15 Any tips for aspiring machinist?
1:00:13 What do you do with old props you don't want anymore?

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