Roborock Q8 Max+: the Best Vacuum Cleaner Below $400

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Published on 12 Sep 2023, 14:30
You can get the Roborock Q8 Max Series at: Order now to receive a complimentary 1-year accessories kit! We all know that Roborock has long been renowned for producing premium, high-end vacuum cleaners. They incorporate numerous advanced technologies, all neatly packed into a compact body. However, they come at a high cost. Many of you might be wondering, "How about a more budget-friendly vacuum cleaner that retains all those key functions necessary for a clean floor?" Well, today, I'd like to introduce the Q8 Max+. It comes at half the price of Roborock's previous premium models but promises matching performance. Let's dive in.

DuoRoller Brush
5500Pa Extreme Suction
Combined Dustbin & Water Tank
Reactive Tech Obstacle Avoidance, LiDAR Navigation
Off-Peak Charging

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