Unlocking Software-Defined Broadcast with NVIDIA Holoscan for Media

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Published on 14 Sep 2023, 20:53
The broadcast industry is being transformed by new methodologies, AI solutions, and IT technologies. Additionally, the traditional broadcast infrastructure is costly to upgrade and maintain, and is locked into proprietary technologies which makes it difficult to innovate. NVIDIA Holoscan for Media is an IP-based platform architecture for developing and deploying media applications. Neutral, flexible, and hybrid, Holoscan for Media is built on industry standards and APIs, integrates with open-source and ubiquitous technologies, and allows for fine-grain allocation of resources independent of use case. This allows broadcasters to take advantage of emerging new capabilities and plan for the future of live content creation and delivery.

Learn more about NVIDIA Holoscan for Media: developer.nvidia.com/holoscan-...