Product update and live Q&A: Spaces organized by topic upgrade to in-line threaded spaces in Chat

Published on 26 Sep 2023, 21:47
As previously announced, we’re streamlining the way you organize conversations in Google Chat. Starting September 30, 2023, existing Google Chat spaces organized by conversation topic will be upgraded to the new in-line threaded experience. 

With in-line threading, you can reply to any message and create a separate discussion isolated from the main conversation. In-line threads can be helpful when you want to reply to a specific message or discuss a topic in-depth without disrupting the flow of the main conversation.

Join this session to:
- Understand details about the upgrade from conversation topic to in-line threaded Google Chat spaces
- See in-line threaded Chat Spaces in action, with best practices for Admins
- See a preview of the upcoming enhancements to in-line threads
- Get your questions answered with time for live Q&A

03:45 Upgrade rationale
06:57 Upgrade timeline and experience
12:13 Key upgrade details
13:36 Upcoming features
13:45 Addressing common concerns
15:19 New features
21:20 Answers to presubmitted questions
28:11 Live Q&A

Support article for more details:

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Form for providing your preference for month and day of week for the upgrade. Please fill it in by October 15, 2023:

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