Unity? More Like Divorce - WAN Show September 15, 2023

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Young People Try a Mac from 1996!
Published on 16 Sep 2023, 5:55
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Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119):
0:00 Chapters
1:05 Intro
1:32 Topic #1 - Unity's runtime fee angers all
3:45 Fraud detection, silently deleted clause & TOS
5:11 Unity's income, CEO selling stocks before changes
6:38 Unity's response, Linus on hiding it
10:24 Luke mentions Mega Crit's tweet, Linus on "premeditated"
14:38 Luke recalls "Pay to Reload," Linus advocates for Unity
17:45 UE4 & SOLIDWORKS licenses, Godot, what should Unity do?
25:14 Linus on changing terms of subscription
30:06 Topic #2 - Plex blocks access to Hetzner
31:47 Explaining Plex, its usage, reason behind the block
34:49 Plex's sharing & premium feature, Jellyfin & Emby
39:36 Liking products V.S. working with sponsor, Luke on eufy babycam
42:08 "Plex is a company with a liability," "WAN VPN"
43:43 What game companies are doing things right? ft. Kitty bread
44:44 Jake's Pirate Party of Canada comment
48:18 Merch Messages #1
49:17 Linus's autonomous lawn mower update
53:03 Entered mall competition, received details of every entry, who to report this to?
56:02 Guess the purpose of this Wish product! ft. Jessica
58:04 Rules of the bit
58:41 Product #1
1:02:22 Product #2
1:05:20 Product #3
1:10:38 Product #4
1:12:36 Product #5
1:25:19 Sponsor - MetaDock
1:26:53 Sponsor - Kudos
1:27:51 Sponsor - The Ridge x Hennessy ft. Ridge-sponsored LTT video
1:36:00 Scrapyard Wars 9
1:39:31 Merch Messages #2
1:39:42 Are you planning to shave your beard?
1:40:51 What if Apple invested 5% in Valve? ft. Games discussion
2:02:11 Will there be a console with an upgradeable graphics card?
2:03:58 LTTStore's new reversible bomber jacket
2:06:50 LTTStore's new Merino T-shirt
2:09:12 LTT retro screwdriver newsletter
2:09:55 Send over favorite garment & your review on it
2:10:34 Topic #3 - California's right to repair bill
2:13:43 Topic #4 - Destiny 2 cheater barred from playing games
2:24:02 How many videos were shot after the break?
2:28:55 Answer, FP poll's result
2:31:56 Topic #5 - Pitstoptech's handheld Framework DIY project
2:34:16 Specs, Linus on ROG Ally's repairability
2:37:02 Topic #6 - Meta to allow cross-apps messaging
2:38:51 Topic #7 - Apple's iPhone 15 has Type-C
2:40:28 Micro-B & Mini-B, discussing Lightning
2:47:30 Linus on being stuck with Type-C
2:51:58 Topic #8 - Intel announces Thunderbolt 5
2:54:13 Topic #9 - Twitter (X) monetization pays LTT
2:55:05 Topic #10 - MS ends Surface Duo's support
2:58:59 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark
2:59:16 How hard was it to set up LTTStore's desk configurator?
3:01:02 Your take on the potential requirement of battery replacement?
3:03:15 Has LTT considered physical copies of their content?
3:04:16 What do you think of kids using devices during school days?
3:12:38 Timeline for serious RISC adoption for gaming?
3:14:57 Opinion on Asus charging $750 to replace an $800 monitor's LCD?
3:16:41 What is the point you decide to move on from tech?
3:18:40 What made you decide to make “Working for Linus” videos?
3:21:00 Given YouTube's algorithm, are you getting back to daily uploads?
3:22:05 Is the swacket coming back?
3:22:33 Which subscriber makes the most revenue for you - YT, YT Premium or FP?
3:24:07 History of hiring Riley, impact on LMG if you didn't?
3:24:42 What content would you do on an experimental channel?
3:26:56 Will Linus be upgrading his Framework 13 to Ryzen?
3:27:37 Thoughts on AYANEO KUN?
3:28:38 Why have you dropped the Amazon store?
3:32:06 US's large lithium deposit, will we see lithium products getting cheaper?
3:34:49 Did the CVO idea come organically or was it borrowed from Simon Cynic's book?
3:36:50 Are you considering bulk ordering Framework 16 for LMG?
3:41:25 Outro