The Level1 Show October 11 2023: Sticker-Me-Elmo

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Published on 11 Oct 2023, 4:30

0:00 - Intro
0:27 - Apple working to fix iPhone 15 overheating issues
1:31 - Intel plans to IPO programmable chip unit within three years
2:25 - Cooler Master's Sneaker Gaming PC Sells For $3,799
3:59 - 3D Printer Uses Magnets To Break Speed Limits, Print at a Table-Shaking 800 mm/s
4:56 - Google Pixel Watch 2 hands-on: new sensors, longer battery, better accuracy
6:24 - DIY Tinkerer Invents MacBook Tool That Breaks Apple’s Repair Locks
8:31 - HP fails to derail claims that it bricks scanners on multifunction printers when ink runs low
9:24 - Apple declares its $17,000 solid-gold watch officially obsolete, ending repairs and servicing
11:07 - Lenovo PC boss: 80% of our devices to be repairable by 2025
11:57 - Toyota Will Adopt Tesla-Style Cast Bodies That Might Be Impossible to Fix
13:11 - Apple considered switching to DuckDuckGo from Google for Safari
14:02 - Google is making big changes to prevent Gmail spam
14:53 - Gmail unleashes “email emoji reactions” onto an unsuspecting world
15:54 - Nintendo will take 3DS and Wii U services offline in 'early April 2024'
16:44 - Microsoft overhauls OneDrive with a big new design, AI Copilot integration, and more
17:46 - You Can’t Get Rid Of It, You Can Only Hide It: Microsoft Imposes Controversial Windows Backup On Users
19:05 - Netflix is planning to raise prices... again
19:44 - Spotify is adding auto-generated transcripts to millions of podcasts
20:32 - Epic Games to update Unreal Engine pricing for devs not making games
21:32 - Lockheed CEO Pitches Pentagon on Subscription Software
23:46 - Amazon reportedly used a secret algorithm to jack up prices
25:25 - Apple threatens Colombian mobile phone repairman with jail time
26:23 - Five former Ubisoft execs arrested following sexual harassment investigation
27:13 - Men Overran a Job Fair for Women in Tech
28:42 - Elon Musk’s X drops article headlines, as report details bleeding ad revenue
29:33 - X Social Media is suing X, a social media company
30:31 - ADL says it will resume advertising on X following feud with Elon Musk
31:16 - Meta to lay off employees in metaverse silicon unit on Wednesday
32:30 - Norway wants Europe-wide ban on Facebook behavioral ads
33:05 - Users find that Facebook’s new AI stickers can generate Elmo with a knife
34:24 - Meta Nick Clegg says its AI trains on your Facebook and Instagram posts
35:21 - Kia and Hyundai Blame TikTok and Instagram For Their Cars Getting Stolen

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