Real vs FAKE Rolex - 1000$ Super Clone Rolex GMT Master 2 Batman - How to spot a FAKE Rolex Watch

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Published on 18 Oct 2023, 11:51
Superclone Replicas are scary ! Be very careful when buying a rolex from local ads. This is a high end replica of the GMT Master 2 Batman . Here is how to spot a fake rolex!
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This is a replica of the 126710BLNR Model (Batman) and here is how to spot a fake rolex:

Ways To Spot
1. Bezel. The Ceramic Bezel is hard to reproduce. Compare the ceramic bezel in good lighting with a real rolex and pay attention to the color. Real rolex watches have platinum dust in the numbers which gives it a good shine and color. This is the most difficult to reproduce.

2. The rehaut with the engraved Logo needs to align perfectly. Left starting with R and Right end with X. Also the lasered logo must be very clean. Difficult to spot on a superclone and you will need a microscope.

3. The crown and crown action as you try to turn it. if you feel its not 100% smooth, go take the watch to a professional for a checkup. The crown must be sharp and well detailed. If its
difficult to adjust the positions of the crown bolt, then its probably a replica. On rolex every crown position must lock in smooth.

4. The bezel feeling. Its hard to describe but when comparing to a real one it shouldnt be wobbly and too griddy.

5. The Movement. The balance wheel is not a free sprung balance. Note on a real rolex caliber there is only one arm (the beat adjustor) on the balance bridge of the genuine movement. This is because the genuine movement has a “free sprung” balance. That means on the genuine movement the speed of the movement is regulated (i.e. adjusting how fast or slow the movement runs) by adjusting the moment of inertia of the balance wheel via tiny weighted screws on the rim of the wheel. On all replica movements, regulation is done via a regulation arm that can be adjusted to lengthen or shorten the effective length of the hairspring. That’s why you see only one arm on the genuine movement, but two arms on the replica movements.

6. The date wheel has text that is too bold compared to the real Rolex and the hands are not sharp under magnification.

7. The rolex cyclops needs to be 2.5x magnification. If it looks tinier, hard to read or somehow not good quality its fake. Try to look at the font of the date wheel under magnification.

8. The band. Cheap replicas use cheap steal that easily scratches, removes coating or whatever. The band must be without tolerances, smooth and close easily.

But superclones are very very identical to real models, be very careful! Also some people mod superclones with real parts to fool you (Real rolex box or parts of the movement and bezel). Always take the watch you want to buy to a professional dealer for a checkup.

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