The Level1 Show November 3 2023: International Space Gestation

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Published on 3 Nov 2023, 4:30

0:00 - Intro
0:39 - This new data poisoning tool lets artists fight back against generative AI
2:28 - Newspapers want payment for articles used to power ChatGPT
3:00 - Amazon now lets advertisers use generative AI to pretty up their product shots
4:05 - New Nvidia AI agent, powered by GPT-4, can train robots
4:57 - AI-created child sexual abuse images ‘threaten to overwhelm internet’
6:17 - Texas private school replaces teachers with AI technology
8:48 - Google adds generative AI threats to its bug bounty program
9:26 - OpenAI forms team to study ‘catastrophic’ AI risks, including nuclear threats
10:33 - Bomb threat involving food delivery robots at Oregon State University proved to be a prank
11:11 - California sidelines GM Cruise's driverless cars, cites safety risk
11:54 - Boston Dynamics turned its robot dog into a talking tour guide with ChatGPT
13:06 - NASA’s First Two-way End-to-End Laser Communications Relay System
13:52 - NASA’s Voyager Team Focuses on Software Patch, Thrusters
14:23 - Next year, SpaceX aims to average one launch every 2.5 days
15:25 - Can humans reproduce in space? This startup wants to find out.
16:50 - Pope Francis encourages more children to code, especially in Catholic countries
18:09 - Scientist, after decades of study, concludes: We don't have free will
19:01 - Amazon’s Fallout TV series will start streaming in 2024 - The Verge
19:33 - California Supervolcano: Caltech’s “Chilling” Discovery in Long Valley Caldera
20:49 - UK regulator trying to block release of Shell North Sea documents
21:33 - The 100% Recyclable Running Shoe That’s Only Available by Subscription
22:17 - British Museum Will Digitize Entire Collection in Response to Thefts
23:14 - Cover up tattoos with foundation, National tells gangs
24:23 - Frying pan company sued for claiming temperatures that rival the Sun
26:06 - Amazon drivers’ urine packaged as energy drink, sold on Amazon
27:21 - Nestron’s Plug-and-Play Prefabs Start at $40K and Don’t Require a Foundation
29:00 - Transgenic Silkworms Spin Silk That's 6 Times Tougher Than Bulletproof Kevlar In World First
29:45 - Spider was found inside a woman's ear, according to new report
30:37 - Western Washington man Accused of Trying to Hire Prostitute for his Horse
31:54 - 1,000 cats rescued in China from being slaughtered and sold as pork, mutton
32:17 - Snails eating mail in Lewdown village postbox
33:35 - Deer disrupts Wisconsin Noodles & Company lunchtime rush
34:07 - Woman caught with giraffe poop in flight luggage

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