The Level1 News November 10 2023: Artificial Insensitivity

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Published on 10 Nov 2023, 5:30

0:00 - Intro
0:44 - OpenAI’s ChatGPT can look at uploaded files in the latest beta updates
1:27 - Brave rivals Bing and ChatGPT with new privacy-focused AI chatbot
2:14 - How Microsoft’s AI is making a mess of the news
2:27 - Microsoft accused of damaging Guardian’s reputation with AI-generated poll
3:57 - Judge pares down artists' AI copyright lawsuit against Midjourney, Stability AI
4:24 - Scarlett Johansson hits AI app with legal action for cloning her voice in an ad
5:27 - An AI smoothie shop opened in San Francisco with much hype. Why is it closed already?
6:37 - General Motors' robotaxi service suspends driverless operations nationwide regulators
7:08 - A new ‘Pied Piper’ robot protects Oregon’s vineyards from pests with some good vibes
8:53 - Russia renamed its ambitious satellite program after Putin misspoke its name
9:57 - Sci-fi inspired tractor beams are real, and could solve a major space junk problem
10:51 - Kidney stone breakthrough procedure at UW called 'game changer' for patients
11:54 - Design revealed for space toilet with a view
12:43 - Anger can lead to better results when tackling tricky tasks – study
13:55 - FDA warns of infection risk from 26 big-brand eye drops; stop using immediately
14:45 - Huge Lego collection and boxes of gemstones seized by Victoria police in alleged meth lab raid
15:34 - Officials warn of ‘Booty Patrol’ truck they say is impersonating a Border Patrol vehicle
16:55 - California Forever Accused of ‘Strong-Arm Tactics’ in Land Negotiations
18:07 - New 'first-in-the-nation' policy limits Seattle police from knowingly lying
18:50 - Italian woman wins court case to evict her two sons, aged 40 and 42
20:41 - Township's proposed 'unreasonable behaviour' policy blasted as unreasonable
21:53 - Grubhub Driver Claims Delivering Cup Of Urine Instead Of Milkshake Was ‘An Accident’
22:54 - The 2nd-biggest beer producer in China said it's probing a viral video that appears to show a man peeing into a container of ingredients
23:43 - HBO Bosses Used ‘Secret’ Fake Accounts to Troll TV Critics
25:04 - The Wiggles tell Bunbury council to stop playing Hot Potato at homeless people
25:59 - Leonardo DiCaprio’s new girlfriend wasn't even born when Titanic was released
27:02 - Amouranth reveals beer company wants her “pap smear” to brew new flavor
27:50 - Elon Musk offers $1B to Wikipedia if they'll change their name
28:53 - Millions of fruit flies will be dropped on Los Angeles
29:55 - Gettysburg swine finally captured with sticky bun filled with pet-safe Benadryl after 18 days on the run
30:46 - Tarantula sighting results in car accident in Death Valley National Park
31:25 - Artificial intelligence is being used to ID goose faces
32:54 - Family of bobcats seen near Greenwood High School

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