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Published on 15 Nov 2023, 19:40
Overview of Using AI to automate Content Moderation and compliance to creating safer, more inviting and inclusive spaces, for all to meet, play and socialize.

AS, Gaming companies are increasingly focused on content moderation to foster positive communities and prevent issues like hate speech, profanity, and bullying. Unmoderated communities can quickly become toxic, driving players away. Companies want to keep their games fun for all players, so they are establishing guidelines for positive play. However, manually reviewing all user-generated content is extremely labor-intensive.

This is where AWS AI services come in. Amazon Rekognition, Transcribe, Translate, and Comprehend provide highly accurate APIs to automate moderation of audio, text, image, and video content at scale. Gaming companies can leverage these services to identify and filter out inappropriate content. This saves time and operational costs compared to manual review. The automated workflows enabled by AWS AI services allow gaming companies to scale content moderation as their communities grow. This keeps player experiences positive while reducing costs. In summary, AWS AI services deliver the accuracy and scalability needed for gaming companies to maintain healthy communities through automated content moderation. This creates a win-win by improving player experiences and decreasing costs.

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