I'm Not The Only CEO That Lost My Job - WAN Show November 17, 2023

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Published on 18 Nov 2023, 5:49
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Timestamps (Courtesy of NoKi1119):
0:00 Chapters
1:12 Intro
1:38 Topic #1 - Sam Altman is no longer the CEO of OpenAI
2:44 New CEO, Altman's Tweet, impact on AI development, Brockman's savage statement
6:00 Microsoft did not know this was happening, does not have a board seat
8:52 Luke on profit & non-profit companies abilities, what if MS bought OpenAI and re-hired Altman?
13:02 Linus on LTT making money and "LTT-ink"
14:12 Topic #2 - Epic's Fortnite age restricted certain skins
22:28 Ariel's comment on 12+ islands, recalling how good he was at Slapshot: Rebound ft. "Yes"
24:33 Topic #3 - Nothing adds blue bubble messaging on Android
26:50 Topic #4 - Apple announces RCS support
34:16 Topic #5 - Linus ordered Humane's AI Pin
42:07 Merch Messages #1
42:16 Which is better to buy - a used Steam Deck LCD, or OLED?
48:22 BuyMyF-ingGarbage redirects to LTTStore ft. Linus's buying joke, Luke getting a Deck?
50:46 Linus explains merch messages
52:00 LTTStore's new fruit underwear
52:34 Strawberry, eggplant & peach colors variants, men & women styles
54:00 New RGBroken T-shirt, $999 deal
56:25 New RGB knit sweater
56:53 New GPU Christmas ornament
57:32 Black Friday & Cyber Monday sign up list
59:23 Would Linus consider writing a book about LTT after retirement?
1:01:16 Topic #6 - Tesla's clause banned reselling Cybertrucks within its first year
1:02:43 Is this a reasonable method to curb scalping?
1:04:44 Tesla removed this clause, Linus on the cost of reselling cars
1:05:59 The power supply open terminals in Ariana's AMD upgrade was proofed
1:07:19 Topic #7 - Amazon to start selling Hyundai cars ft. Troll Linus
1:12:02 Topic #8 - Sony's PlayStation Portal released, sold in two days
1:12:10 Luke witnessed others' bad experiences, Linus mentions reviews
1:15:28 Linus's review was positive, mentions Bluetooth ft. FP Poll
1:18:06 Linus on Sony's decisions & margins, recalls NVIDIA Shield
1:21:54 Luke's personal thoughts, WiFi 5/6/6E, Android 13, lacking bluetooth audio
1:25:40 Linus on the battery life, compared to G Cloud
1:26:08 Topic #9 - Microsoft to follow EU's bill, will allow uninstalling Edge
1:30:43 Topic #10 - X(Twitter) lost major sponsors after Elon Musk's "anti-semitic" tweets
1:37:40 Sponsor - Kudos
1:38:38 Sponsor - Thorum
1:39:45 Sponsor - Green Man Gaming
1:40:47 Linus on GMG sponsoring Black Friday stream, Plouffe & Linus co-hosting, mini-games
1:42:00 Merch Messages #2
1:54:38 Topic #11 - Google sues DMCA scammers & copyright fraudsters
1:55:51 Topic #12 - Rivian's accidental OTA update breaks infotainment systems
1:58:14 Merch Messages #3 ft. WAN Show After Dark, Luke on Japan's GMT
1:59:28 What does your SO despise that you collect?
2:00:13 Would performance differences add up if you compare PC part SKUs?
2:03:52 Luke's experience with Matsuri
2:06:16 What's some of the visions Linus had for LTT in 2024?
2:10:34 Does Luke believe a P2P solution like IPFS would help with FP's costs?
2:11:53 Why does Linus keep his earrings? Thought of removing them? If Luke fought James, who wins?
2:32:18 LTT Backpack zipper pulls update
2:33:20 Will the Black Friday deals ship in time for Christmas?
2:36:20 What did you enjoy playing the most during the good gaming era?
2:37:52 What video ideas took the least time? Compare to normal videos
2:41:40 With the new Deck, have you considered going back from Ally?
2:42:14 Are you familiar with Wasm? ft. Lagging Luke
2:43:19 Thoughts on doing a Top Gear styled video?
2:44:45 A simple prank that you have done that resulted in laughter?
2:45:48 Any other JRPGs you all enjoy?
2:47:18 Applying right to repair to airplane parts?
2:50:36 A valid argument between Ally & Deck?
2:53:23 Why Linus dislikes Star Trek
2:54:48 Would Luke ever branch off from LMG and make a car related channel?
2:56:48 Does FP use any design principles in CS?
2:58:38 Changes implemented to LMG's IT infrastructure by Dan & Luke?
3:03:40 Most surprising smash hit on LTTStore?
3:04:27 Does Luke have an advice as a C dev to a C dev?
3:06:32 Most surprising smash hit on LTTStore?
3:08:54 Any more pride colored LTTStore merch coming?
3:10:06 ROG reboot CPU fan rubber mounts
3:11:06 Favorite Linus quote?
3:12:14 Topic #13 - Eight Sleep cutting off access to API calls
3:13:05 Any practices or content types on the way out?
3:15:40 Nick mentions the microfiber shirt idea
3:16:45 Outro