Don't Fall For the Black Friday Hype! How to Plan for #BlackFriday Deals Like Me

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Published on 18 Nov 2023, 16:00
Whokeys Balck Friday Sale 25% code:TS25
Windows 11 Pro a $22:
Windows 10 Pro a $16:
Windows 10 Home a $14:
Office 2021 Pro a $51:
Office 2019 Pro a $45:
Office 2016 Pro a $27:


Black Friday is amazing and terrible at the same time. I think I'm old enough to have gone through all the phases... When I was younger, I used to get excited and go to the stores at 5 AM. Then I got older and stuck my nose up at all the consumerism. Then I got older... and now I love it... because I go in with a plan.

Most of my big purchases are made during this season because everything is on sale... the garbage is on sale... but so are the good items. However, you HAVE to have a plan! Check out the video to see how I do it... and don't fall for the #blackfriday hype.


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