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Published on 21 Nov 2023, 2:24
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🔍Key Features
●Brushless Version Features:
1. Adopt the simulation structure design
2. 2.4G full -proportion synchronization remote control system.
3. Metal differential, metal differential cup, powder planetary gear, powder active gear, powder main gear;
4. Metal CVD premature transmission shaft, metal rear dog bone, metal wheel cup;
5. 3 wires 17G digital steering servo

●Brushed Version Features:
1. Applicable venues: flat land, sand, mud, grassland.
2, 2.4g splash anti -splash water four -pass 30A all -in -one electrode/receiving;
3. The front wheels cross ball head universal switch drive shaft, rear wheel split dog bone bone transmission shaft;
4. 5 wires 17G steering servo
5. Super battery power: 7.4V, 18650-1300mAh Li-ION battery (T plug), discharge multiplier 10C;

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