NZXT H2 Silent Chassis Video Review

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Published on 24 Mar 2011, 17:15
We are re-embarking on a very busy schedule of upcoming chassis reviews, the first of which is the NZXT H2 Classic Series Silent Chassis. NZXT is targeting the case at those who are looking for a quiet PC and also great value.

As we uncover, the H2 brings with it a some great ideas, the likes of which are rarely seen in a sub $100 case category. NZXT has included a "wireless" front fan system, allowing for easy access to tool-less hard drives, they have given focus to quiet computing with noise dampening foam additions and covered fans and fan controller.

We were especially fond of the interior layout; double digit priced cases are notorious for having woefully inadequate layouts for assembly and effective airflow, but the H2 takes design cues from its very successful Phantom series and shrinks into midtower form very well.

While this all sounds great, we couldn't help but feel a little underwhelmed by the effort (or seemingly lack thereof) to make the H2 a real, innovative, competitor. The case has some great potential, but it feels like to much focus was placed on making the H2 into a value product and NZXT failed to fully develop the chassis's unique features into something that would have given it a competitive identity. The quiet/silent case market currently has very few contenders, but all of them have worked very hard to offer products that focus heavily on what the consumers of this specific segment are looking for and each have very defined characteristics that offer great selling points.

The H2 winds trying to offer many solutions that just don't feel complete; as the saying goes "jack of all trades, master of none".