Twin Turbo V10 "GO KART" Review! The Terrifying Turbo NIGHTMARE

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Published on 26 Apr 2022, 22:17
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I've driven a lot of crazy stuff. 1000HP Single turbo Toyota Supra, 700HP Toyota MR2, 1400HP Nissan GTR - you name it. However Lee decided to go even crazier by combining big power, with bravery. This crashed UGR Audi R8 was Lee's blank canvas to do something insane - turn an exotic into his glorified 1500HP Go kart for the street. I was nervous for this one - but it's VERY interesting to drive. Buckle your seat belt - you'll need it for this one.
#twinturbo #audir8 #ttr8 #ugr #undergroundracing #tt #turbo #boosted

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