Ultimate iPhone XS Max Water Test - Waterproof or Not?

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Published on 21 Sep 2018, 11:13
The iPhone XS Water Test / iPhone XS Max Water Test. In this video we put Apple's waterproof claims to the test. Is Apple's newest iPhone actually waterproof? Probably. Let's dive in. Be sure to subscribe for all of our upcoming iPhone XS/XS Max/XR content!

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I hope this iPhone XS water test / iPhone XS Max water test video helps you make a decision on the phones! It definitely seems like Apple has gotten better on how waterproof the new iPhones are year after year.

Thanks for watching! I really hope you enjoy all of the Apple iPhone XS / iPhone XS Max / iPhone XR content that is to come on the TechSmartt channel in the coming days and months. Be sure to stay subscribed for future iPhone water test videos and more.

Ultimate iPhone XS Water Test / iPhone XS Max Water Test

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