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Published on 29 Jan 2021, 9:00
Elegantly looking, a wearable android standalone smartwatch Lemfo Lem 10 is built with a rectangular metal case. Styled like a sort-of apple watch, yet the smartwatch is built on an android system and supports a nano-SIM card, wi-fi, Bluetooth 4.0, camera, and fully integrated google play store. Insert a SIM card on your watch and become a whole lot more like a mobile user right on your wrist. Or pair the smartwatch with earbuds and stream your podcasts or music without reaching for your phone. Plus, the IPS screen resolutions 360 by 320 pixels and displays crispy and bright images.
【Lemfo Lem 10】:ban.ggood.vip/WUqP 1GB RAM+16GB ROM
【Lemfo Lem 10】:ban.ggood.vip/WUqQ 3GB RAM+32GB ROM
LEMFO LEM10 3GB+32GB 1.82' Large Screen 4G Watch Phone GPS+GLONASS 2MP Front Camera 700 Mah Smart Watch
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