Level1 News November 26 2021: The Long Alt Account of the Law

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Published on 26 Nov 2021, 5:30


0:00 - Intro
0:55 - Emotet botnet returns after law enforcement mass-uninstall operation
1:37 - High severity BIOS flaws affect numerous Intel processors
2:49 - DDR4 memory protections are broken wide open by new Rowhammer technique
4:11 - Hoax Email Blast Abused Poor Coding in FBI Website
4:55 - Linux has a serious security problem that once again enables DNS cache poisoning
6:25 - Apple patent fights lookie-loos with glasses-activated screen blur
7:04 - Costco discloses data breach after finding credit card skimmer
7:58 - Crypto bid to buy US constitution print raises over $40m
10:50 - Coinbase Goes Social by Letting Users Tout Crypto Allocations
12:09 - Storms in Egypt’s Aswan unleash scorpions in people’s homes
13:08 - Doom Devs Send Lawyers Over Doomscroll Band Name
14:35 - Facebook tells LA police to stop spying on users with fake accounts
15:45 - 'It is not the duty of a prospective councillor to know how to use a computer,' Mabuza tells NCOP
17:41 - Grandmother issued with restraining order to stop feeding carrots to "sad" horse
19:43 - Vietnam: Police summon noodle seller after Salt Bae parody
22:10 - Michigan woman pleads guilty after trying to have ex-husband killed through fake 'Rent-A-Hitman' website
24:06 - Will Smith Recalls ‘After Earth’ Failure and Attacks Against Jaden
26:24 - Criminals exploit buy now, pay later services like Klarna and Afterpay
29:00 - Russian ransomware gangs start collaborating with Chinese hackers
30:04 - South Korea Is Giving Millions of Photos to Facial Recognition Researchers
30:50 - The makers of EyeDetect promise a new era of truth-detection , but many experts are skeptical
32:39 - Peng Shuai: UN calls for proof of Chinese tennis star's whereabouts


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