Level1 News February 4 2022: Why You Should Be Paranoid About the Crazy Train of NFTs

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Published on 4 Feb 2022, 5:30


0:00 - Intro
1:12 - ID.me CEO backtracks on claims company doesn't use powerful facial recognition tech
3:37 - Verizon’s TracFone Customers Complain of Attackers Stealing Their Phone Numbers
5:24 - New DeadBolt ransomware targets QNAP devices, asks 50 BTC for master key
7:04 - Major Linux PolicyKit security vulnerability uncovered: Pwnkit
7:52 - UK government plans to release Nmap scripts for finding vulnerabilities
9:20 - eBay will now authenticate trading cards worth $750 or more
12:04 - Hactivists say they hacked Belarus rail system to stop Russian military buildup
13:59 - Minecraft DDoS Attack Leaves Small European Country Without Internet
16:24 - New MoonBounce UEFI bootkit can't be removed by replacing the hard drive
17:15 - Supply chain attack used legitimate WordPress add-ons to backdoor sites
19:05 - Ozzy Osbourne’s NFT project shared a scam link, and followers lost thousands of dollars
21:05 - Merck wins cyber-insurance lawsuit related to NotPetya attack
22:02 - China's mandatory Olympics app raises privacy and censorship concerns, watchdog group warns
23:43 - Booby-trapped sites delivered potent new backdoor trojan to macOS users
25:21 - Apple might let you use Face ID with a mask in the next iOS update
26:07 - Marak Github issues
27:08 - 40 quintillion stellar-mass black holes are lurking in the universe, new study finds
28:20 - China gives 'Fight Club' new ending where authorities win
30:58 - Frogs Without Legs Regrow Leglike Limbs in New Experiment
32:23 - Long in the tooth: Goldie the pufferfish has emergency dental work
34:15 - Tennessee school board bans teaching of Holocaust graphic novel Maus
35:50 - Michigan school district says there are no litter boxes in bathrooms for students who 'identify as furries'
36:31 - Tables not being lowered for 'furries,' RRISD responds to candidate's Twitter claim
37:59 - Restitution Activist Tried Stealing Indonesian Artwork Thinking It was African
39:44 - Eric Clapton claims YouTube is using subliminal advertising to keep the masses subservient – in an interview posted to YouTube
41:06 - Apple's AirTag uncovers a secret German intelligence agency
43:15 - China hires western TikTokers to polish its image during 2022 Winter Olympics
44:13 - Texas woman arrested for allegedly trying to purchase child at Walmart checkout, deputies say
46:43 - Weber Grills under fire for poorly timed meatloaf recipe
48:03 - "Whoopsie!" Riot Games clarifies that Killjoy does not buy or sell NFTs


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