Updating Your PC Setup with RGB Lighting - DIY in 5 Ep 167

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Published on 11 Mar 2022, 23:08
0:29 What is RGB?
RGB is the red, green and blue color model that is used to create a full spectrum of color customization in a wide array of electronics. But when a PC enthusiast or gamer refers to RGB, they usually mean decorative RGB lighting. These colored LEDs can be on everything from peripherals to furniture to wall décor to inside the PC itself. Despite the jokes, RGB does not increase PC performance, but instead just gives a vibe. Whether you prefer a sleek color theme or a unicorn rainbow explosion, I think we can all agree it’s cool to have16 million plus colors.

0:56 What has RGB?
RGB is all about customization, it’s not an all or nothing buy in. You can start with small RGB upgrades and find your comfort level if you like. From simple LED strips and LED lamps to peripherals like keyboards, headsets and mice with RGB, there are lots of options. There’s even RGB mousepads, monitors, headset stands. Inside your PC, you can find RGB options on RAM, some motherboards, fans and PC cases with RGB accents as well. You may have even seen RGB home décor with light strips, color changing smart lights, RGB showerheads and even toilets.

2:03 How many colors can you get?
While you may see some devices that only offer one or two color combinations, true RGB means you have over 16 million colors that you can customize and coordinate however you like.

2:15 How do you control RGB lights?
This control can be done a few different ways - from a physical button or an IR remote to software solutions. Note that if you have a few RGB products from different manufacturers, they may each have their own control systems. If you would like a full sync up, it might take some trial and error. Different companies have come up with different solutions to make the sync across different devices easier. Kingston’s patent-pending infrared sync technology is built right into the memory module, allowing multiple modules to sync LED lighting and produce an exceptional color and pattern display. Powered directly from the motherboard, this technology provides an enhanced visual experience of RGB memory for gaming, overclocking PCs and DIY system builds. Pretty cool.

2:59 What are the benefits of RGB?
Having ambient lighting can affect mood, help light up a workstation or gaming setup late into the evening hours, sync up with certain games to trigger lighting based on health status or other in game events, and even be customized to change lights in your PC based on heat, which could be especially nice for overclocking or systems under frequent heavy load. With more people than ever streaming and sharing content online, having new ways to express your individuality and make your gaming room look exactly how you want it is a common desire and having extra practical benefits makes it even sweeter.

3:44 Is RGB for you?
Are there negatives to adding RGB to your setup? Not really. Personal preference plays into it quite a bit. You may prefer a simpler look to your setup and decide RGB isn’t for you. Concerns that RGB can actually diminish PC performance due to heat, power or airflow are by and large outdated and unfounded. RGB components draw very little power from your system and give off a negligible amount of heat, and RGB lights can last over 40 years, so you aren’t looking at constant replacements.

Will you have a go at an RGB look for your setup? Share it in the comments below if so.
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