OnePlus 10 Pro VS Google Pixel 6 Pro: Ready To Be SHOCKED?

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Published on 9 May 2022, 13:00
Once upon a time there was a little smartphone company that couldn't settle.

Well, hold it. It actually started two years earlier with a much bigger company who couldn't succeed making its own premium smartphones. The first three generations of Nexus were a showcase of specs and power with a price to match, so when 2012 brought us the Nexus 4, let's just say we got to meet the true first Flagship killer. It was by no means the best Nexus Google ever produced, but at a $299 launch price which later dipped an extra Benjamin, it was hard to resist the specs for the price.

Oh, right, back in 2014 when genius viral marketing led an unknown company to actually succeed in launching a flagship contender for the price that even made mid-rangers look exaggerated. For a better part of a decade OnePlus took the world by storm, and while the Nexus project is now all but forgotten.

Fast forward to 2022 and it seems that both companies realized that over time, becoming the villain became inevitable. On one corner we have the OnePlus 10 Pro, a phone I'd easily call the best the company has ever made, even if with a strategy that blends both old and new. On the other we have the Pixel 6 Pro, what I'd consider the best Google phone ever made, even if that still means lots of experimentation. If you're wondering why this comparison makes any sense, have a look at the price tags to understand where I'm going. I'm Jaime Rivera with Pocketnow and let's dive in to our comparison.

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