AWS Supports You | Diving Deep into the Admin and User Experience of Amazon AppStream 2.0

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Published on 27 Jul 2022, 14:50
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AWS Supports You: Diving Deep into the Admin and User Experience of Amazon AppStream 2.0 gives viewers on the channel an overview of end user computing, explains what AppStream 2.0 is, detailes features, benefits, and use cases, and includes live demos of the end user and admin experiences! This episode originally aired on July 27th, 2022.

Intro 0:00
AWS End User Computing 02:52
User & Admin Features 05:50
AppStream Benefits & Use Cases 12:25
Demo #1 19:42
Demo #2 28:30
Conclusion 47:47

Helpful Links:

AWS Enterprise Support:


AppStream2.0 *AS2*:
Compliance Validation

Appstream features:

AppStream2.0 *AS2*:

Compliance Validation

Appstream features:

Nice DCV:

TRY sample applications

Use Cases :

Instance Types

Single Sign-on Access (SAML 2.0)

User Pool Administration

Configure a Connection Method for Your AppStream 2.0 Client Users

Create Image:

Create Fleet and Stack:

Access to AppStream 2.0:

Authentication flow with SAML:

Allowed Domains:

Instance Types:

To provide internet access to your streaming instances in a private subnet,
use a NAT gateway. For more information, see:

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