Google’s Pixel 6a: The best mid-range phone?

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Published on 1 Aug 2022, 15:43
You’re going to get a lot for $450 in the U.S. market with Google’s new #Pixel6a. But, there were some things left out to get that price point. Are the compromises worth it? Tshaka gives you his full review, along with camera samples and some compelling reasons why this may be the mid-range phone to beat in the States in 2022. Special thanks to #teampixel for the review unit. #giftfromgoogle #pixel6areview #midrangephones

00:00 Intro
00:56 Background on the phone
1:25 This phone looks good!
2:00 A look at front of the phone, the display, and media consumption
4:04 Let’s talk about that Pixel 6a fingerprint sensor
4:35 The Pixel 6a stereo speakers rock! Here’s why
6:33 More of the Pixel 6a hardware examined
6:55 Battery life examined
7:11 Let’s talk about that aging camera hardware and do some “stress tests” with low light picture and video samples
9:57 Tshaka’s final thoughts on the Pixel 6a

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