What's new in Android Studio - Dolphin

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Published on 15 Sep 2022, 19:03
Android Studio Dolphin is now available for download on the stable channel. The new version brings a lot of changes including tooling improvements in Jetpack Compose, stable support for Gradle Managed Devices, improved support for Wear OS, and more.

0:00 - Introduction
0:23 - Recomposition counts
1:41 - Animation preview
3:04 - Multipreview annotations
4:25 - Gradle Managed Devices
5:59 - Automated Test Devices
7:09 - Wear OS emulator pairing assistant
8:12 - New Wear OS run configurations
9:05 - Updated Wear OS emulator toolbar
9:32 - New Logcat
12:08 - Outro

[Jetpack Compose tooling]
Recomposition counts in Jetpack tooling: goo.gle/3bI3OVq
Recomposition in Thinking in Compose: goo.gle/3zJrAsn
Performance best practices in Compose: goo.gle/3JFt3nY
Animation preview in Jetpack tooling: goo.gle/3AbFViJ
Motion Compose sample: goo.gle/3Q5t4E9
Multipreview in Jetpack tooling: goo.gle/3diSkIl

Gradle Managed Devices: goo.gle/3JFjju3
Automated Test Device: goo.gle/3QsySaw

[Wear OS]
Wear OS emulator pairing assistant: goo.gle/3A3nvzt
Wear OS run configurations: goo.gle/3BRhtnM
Updated Wear OS emulator toolbar: goo.gle/3p6TOYY

[New Logcat]
New Logcat: goo.gle/3zBzxja

Android Studio issue tracker: goo.gle/3DBA6gB

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