Transforming Telco Lifecycles with Digital Twins, Powered by HEAVY.AI and NVIDIA Omniverse

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Published on 22 Sep 2022, 15:58
Telcos will deploy 17 million 5G microcells and towers over the next five years.

Optimizing deployment and operations of new and existing cells and towers can save billions for the 2 trillion dollar telecom industry.

HEAVY.AI built an AI-accelerated application framework on NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise that enables telcos to develop physically accurate, interactive digital twins to plan, build, and operate 4 and 5G networks at nationwide scales.

Unlike legacy solutions, HEAVY.AI combines precision-timed signal metrics with demographic and customer behavior data, giving telcos immediate insight into the effects of planning and operational decisions.

Telcos can use HEAVY.AI's extensible application framework, built on Omniverse, as an integrated solution or to develop their own applications on the platform.

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