"Alexa, open the blinds" - Accessibility

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Published on 3 Oct 2022, 7:01
We’re building a more accessible future. Amazon’s vision is to become Earth’s most customer-centric company. We’re working hard to make all of our devices and services great for customers with disabilities. Find out what our accessible products can do for you at amazon.com/accessibility

Watch this video with audio description: youtu.be/lvZN8jgRSrg

Transcript with visual description:
In a kitchen, a man in a wheelchair holds a mug. He is petting his dog, smiling.
- Man: “Alexa, open the blinds.”
As we see a close up of the Echo Dot on his kitchen table, Alexa responds: “Opening the blinds.“
As the blinds open and tilt, a window washer is revealed. He is holding a squeegee, washing the exterior of the window. He nods and smiles, friendly.
The man in the wheelchair looks at the window surprised. They exchange a friendly, awkward look.
The window washer keeps smiling and maintains eye contact as he uses the squeegee.
The man in the wheelchair looks away and with a smile says: “Alexa, close the blinds.” He gives a quick amused look back at the window washer.
He then rolls away from his kitchen, as the blinds close and the window washer tries to catch one more glance inside, with a smile.
Words appear: Control your home with your voice. amazon.com/accessibility