What is Cloud IAM?

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Published on 11 Nov 2022, 0:00
What is Identity and Access Management (IAM), and how does it protect your Google Cloud project? In this episode of Serverless Expeditions Extended, Martin teams up with Emanuel to discuss IAM tools. Watch along and learn about the different access roles, inherited permissions, service accounts, and more to secure your Google Cloud projects.

0:00 - Intro
0:27 - What is Identity and Access Management?
1:30 - What is the permissions panel?
2:07 - What are inherited permissions?
2:56 - Basic project roles explained
3:44 - How to add principals
4:18 - How to organize roles & principals for cloud projects
6:00 - What can Cloud Run services do?
7:33 - How to configure minimum permissions
9:10 - Wrap up

Identity and Access Management → goo.gle/3fI8s87
IAM overview → goo.gle/3NKmsKW
Choose predefined roles → goo.gle/3Uik68u

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