Intel 13900K & 13600K Temperature Myths BUSTED

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Published on 11 Nov 2022, 17:08
There's been a lot of talk about how Intel 13th gen CPUs including the 13900K and 13600K run hot and need a lot of power. Well its time to bust some myths about how these Intel CPUs behave and why they're getting so hot and why they aren't flaming hot.

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0:00 - Hot or Not?
1:03 - Air Cooling vs AIO's
1:51 - Ad Spot
2:23 - Intel 13th Gen & Power Levels
3:38 - Dodgy Motherboard Tactics
4:20 - Motherboards vs Intel Spec
6:09 - This Keeps Happening!
6:51 - All that Power for 150MHz!?
7:24 - Sensationalizing vs Reality
7:56 - 13900K Rendering Temps vs Performance
9:15 - The Best Cooler for 13900K
9:41 - 13900K Gaming Temps vs Framerates
10:56 - 13600K Limits vs No Limits
12:51 - 13600K Rendering Temps vs Performance
14:21 - 13600K Gaming Temps vs Framerates
15:00 - So Much LESS to Worry About


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